Lash Lift

What Are Lash Lift Shields?

Lash Lifts are small and flexible lash extensions designed to fit the lash lift system. Depending on the individual’s eye shape, there are three sizes to choose from. Each shield is contoured for a perfect fit on the lash lid. You can also trim the shields to the desired length. There is nothing worse than having to try a new product, only to realize that it doesn’t fit your eye.
lash lift shieldsThere are several types of lash lift shields. Some shields are specially designed to give a dramatic lift. They are available in medium and large sizes. You can even choose to buy several different sizes to accommodate different clients. By having a variety of sizes and types, you can pick which one works best for each client. There are also different styles of shields for different types of clients.
Hybrid lash lift shields offer both curls and lift. These lash lift shields come in three different sizes and come in three pairs per package. For best results, use them on lashes that are already permed. If they don’t, you may end up with over-permed lashes. To avoid this, apply micropore tape vertically to the lash lift shield. It helps lift the skin on the eyelid while holding the shield in place.
After the patient has felt relaxed, apply the lash lift shields. Apply them slowly and gently to the lash follicles. Once you are satisfied with the results, nudge the client to smile. They will appreciate your efforts. So, do not be afraid to try them on friends and family. You’ll be glad you did. So, start practicing with your friends today! If you have never tried applying lash lift shields, practice on them!
After applying the product, the lash lift shield should be thoroughly cleaned. After each client, make sure to sterilize the product to avoid any possible skin contamination. The materials used in perm shields are heat resistant, but you should avoid using antiseptic solutions. Antiseptic solutions may destroy the perm shield’s surface, so make sure to rinse off any residue before using it. Silicone lash lift pads are made to fit the eyelid and eyelash shape perfectly.
When choosing a lash lift shield, always practice on the first few sets. You should apply it close to the lash line, so it lifts the lashes. It might take you ten or twenty sets to perfect your technique. In the end, you’ll feel confident enough to experiment with the lash lift shields. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want to start with a smaller size.
Size is also important, and lash lift shields come in different sizes. Choose the smallest size to achieve the most dramatic results. Keep in mind that lashes should be at least eight to 11mm long, so a smaller shield size is the best choice. The most effective shields are the ones that fit perfectly on the eyelid. You can use a small shield for small lashes and a medium-sized shield for big lashes.
A certain brand makes two types of lash lift shields, and their rods have the same features. They’re made from high-grade silicone, and the shields are made to last. The shields are also silky-smooth and are made to be durable. The shields come in a signature orange color, which will help promote your work. You can also find lash lift shields in different shapes and sizes, and it all depends on your preference.
The reusable lash lift shields and rods are designed to give lashes an ultra-smooth curl. Each shield and rod are available in three sizes to suit different lash lengths. Shields are suitable for clients with deep-set eyes or hooded eyes. Shields give a strong “L” curl to the eyelashes and are a great choice for those with small eyes. However, for clients with large eyes and very short lashes, a shield is not the best option.